Vanessa and Moots! holidaying in Maldives(Courtesy of Vanessa Chong)
Vanessa and Moots! holidaying in Maldives
Moots!, 33, a announcer and lead singer of the rap-rock band Pop Shuvit and Vanessa Chong, 32, one half of the Chong sisters and The Amazing Race Asia Season 2 runner-up have been dating for a year but they've known each other for about four years.
Vanessa told MSN Malaysia exclusively that Moots, jokingly, had asked her out one day: "If I asked you out on a date, would you go?" and she knew he was a nice guy, so they went for a movie together. The rest they say is history.
"I've never felt more comfortable with anyone else than I do with him and my family love him. It's always been very important that I have my family support in this," Vanessa gushed.
The couple were on holiday in the Maldives with Vanessa's sister, Pamela. While sitting on the sand bank eating, Moots! brought out the ring and popped the question.
Vanessa said: "I was very surprised because Moots! isn't the romantic sort, and it was a really romantic proposal with him bending down on one knee on the beach!
"The funny thing is, I didn't say yes for the longest time! I just kept saying "really? Are you serious?" until he finally said, "why aren't you saying yes?!"
They have no immediate plans to wed just yet. MSN Malaysia wishes them all the best!