Miss Tourism International 2010 Top Winners Photos and Results.

Winner-Natalie Den Dekker-The Netherlands.
1st runner up-Holly Anne Visser-Australia.
2nd runners up-Stephany Gonzalez-Venezuela.
3rd runners up-Barbara Salvador-The Philippines.
4th runners up-Gorboljin Bayarsaikhan-Mongolia.

Top 10

Top 20
Panama/Ukraine/Montenegro/Chinese Taipei/Finland/Zimbabwe/Singapore/France/Thailand/Bolivia

Sub Titles Winners
Best National Costume: Malaysia
Miss Poh Kong Glamour: Bolivia
Miss Lumix Photogenic: Venezuela
Miss Overtime Fresh Face: Singapore
Miss Rejuene Meridian: Japan
Miss KL Sogo Trendsetter: Netherlands
Miss Secret Charm: Venezuela
Miss Jade Goodwill Ambassadress: Venezuela
Miss Charm Fantasia: Mongolia
Miss Focus Point Dazzling: Lithuania
    the crowning moment

Miss Tourism International 2010 Top 12. My Own Prediction.

1-The Netherlands
2-The Philippines.

Miss Turkmenistan Is Going To Participate in Miss Universe 2011 in Brazil, But Where's Turkmenistan Located?.

now you know where Turkmenistan is...and the girl who is going to represent this country in Miss Universe 2011 is Mahela Yabrán.

Turkmenistan Turkmenistan or [2] (Turkmen Turkmenistan) is a country located in Central Asia, bordered to the north by Kazakhstan, east to the north and Uzbekistan to the south by Afghanistan and Iran, and west by the Caspian Sea, on the other side which extends the back of Azerbaijan. It was a Soviet republic until 1991 Turcmênia call. Its capital is the city of Ashgabat, the Turkmen world today is most famous football coach of the Russian club Rubin Kazan, Kurban Berdyev.


Alicia Machado Miss Universe 1996 at Her Farewell Walk.

Miss Parana/Brazil/Universe 2011. A Beauty of Class.


RESULTS of MISS GLOBE INTERNATIONAL 2010 pageant, held Sunday in Northern Cyprus.

(Jenifer Solis)

(Anna Botova)

(Laura Contreras)

Vanessa Goncalves Miss Venezuela 2010 with Gionni Stracci. A New Super Designer.

Miss Tourism International Is Indeed A Grandslam Pageant, Why?, Read on!

It would be lovely if people starting to assume it this way, reasons?;
1-extensive coverage especially with the help of an fb page.
2-south american countries keep sending the best looking candidates.
3-venezuela keeps sending MISS VENEZUELA PAGEANT worthy finalists.
4-the philippines and missosology giving an excellent coverage..boy!,they really hold that yearly send off party!.I'd love to attend if I could!.
5-several countries really published their queens' airport departures photos.
6-the management of the pageant has been very good.
7-the pageant is being endorsed by msian government.
8-many sponsors have come forward to support by sponsoring cash award, sub titles, etc
9-the activity schedules are quite relax and not burdensome.
10-the most important is support by pageant fans, pageant directors the world over and the contestants' families and friends including me at pageantislands. Who wouldn't be excited to know if your close friend or somebody from your country has won a beauty pageant?, would u?
11-Indonesia keeps sending a taller and taller super ethnic looking beauties.
12-pls don't be mad at me if I say the Philippines keeps sending cute, lovely looking contestants every year yo!

*When I attended the press conference on dec 16, a delegate from Europe fainted on the stage and Datuk Danny Ooi himself came up and did everything he could together with his other staff and fanned her himself. I don't think Donald Trump would do that either.


The Miss Tourism International 2010 Queens and The Two Towers.

haha, the above title can be another LOTR sequel.

Alicia Machado's World Map-by ASH MCLEAN.

jajaja, I found this in a south american beauty forum making funny about the world knowledge of Alicia Machado, Miss Universe 1996. Since her wrong statement about a bombing incident on a South Korean island by the north, she has been very infamous to some quarters especially her haters and fans alike.

MISS WORLD 2011. DECEMBER 10, 2011 IN SANYA. China. So Not In Puerto Rico Anymore?

Miss World 2011 returns to Sanya, China

Final 61st Will Be held in Hainan Province for the sixth time

Next year's Miss World event returns to China, with the Final in September to take place on Saturday 10th December in the city of Sanya, Located in China's Hainan province.

Contestants from over 120 Countries Will Be Competing in Miss World's 61st Final. A busy, five week itinerary is Being Planned for the contestants across London, Abu Dhabi, and the whole of China, culminating in the live, televised Final forever in the tropical paradise, Sanya.

2011 Will Be That the sixth time China has held the Final, after successfully hosting the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2010 events. Miss World Has Been Credited for Producing a rapid arises in Sanya's tourism. The Unprecedented rise in tourism has Been Described by Former Mayor Lu as the "Miss World effect."

Of Miss World Chairman Julia Morley commented "We are delighted to Be Returning to China for Miss World 2011. Miss World has a Special Relationship with Sanya and There Is No Better Place to celebrate this yearly event. "

Reigning Miss World - Alexandria Mills will crown her successor on Saturday 10th December at the Beauty Crown Theatre. She said "China is a magnificent experience and I look forward to welcoming all the contestants to this tropical paradise."

Miss World is the longest running event of STI kind. Launched in 1951, it has Become the World's Most watched annual event, with a worldwide viewing audience of over 1 billion. Miss World is a celebration of beauty, fashion, talent and culture as the host country tour contestants Supporting Charitable Causes, Participating in the spectacular events and visiting local attractions.

The Biggest Crown in Miss Mexico Beauty Pageant's History.

The Miss Tourism International 2010 Contestants at Several Malaysian Tourists' Attraction.

photos by melati1021

Miss Tourism International 2010 Miss Lumix Photogenic, Stephany Gonzalez Moment by Felix Farias.