Gaye McGrady, Miss Asia Quest 1980 From Australia, Top Winners' Photos.

*photos by AMET, Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi, Kedah, Msia.

Miss Asia Quest 1979 Top 5 Winners and Swimsuit Group Photo. Related Newspaper Articles.

 Winner: Ayla Altas-Miss Turkey
1st runner up: Laureen Mary Lestourgeon, Miss India
2nd runners up: Lorraine Schuck, Miss Philippines
3rd runners up: Traci Christopherson, Miss Australia.
Miss Amity: Molly NIsbut, Miss Papua New Guinea.
Best in National Costume: Anne Looi, Miss Malaysia.
Miss Photogenic: Anne Looi, Miss Malaysia.

*photo by AMET, Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi, KL, Msia.

Maggie Loo Miss Malaysia Universe Malaysia 1973 Wearing VARIANTE Gown. Miss World 2010 Gala Dinner Photos. Jan 22, 2011. Serdang.

She still has it!, and she just know how to dress appropriately. simply beautiful....*photos by Hafiz

*terima kasih kpd Hafiz for telling us precisely what label this gown was under!...after all, Hafiz, u kan mmg fashion blogger no.1 in Malaysia kan, tabik kt u all,hehehe.

Paradorn Srichaphan divorced Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova.

Former Thai tennis player Paradorn Srichaphan divorced his wife the Russian-Canadian model, “Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova. They filed for divorce and have been separated since July 2010. Oh. They cited duty and work as the reason for their break up.
In a joint statement from Paradorn and Natalie, the couple said they still cared for each other like good friends.
For the several years that have passed, work and duty have cause us to walk in different directions (drift apart). No matter what, we still care for each other, we are still good friends, and we still support each other in business and our various goals in life.”
Both asked for privacy during this difficult time. Not really all that surprise. Natalie was crowned Miss Universe 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand, she met her future ex-husband Paradon at the 2006 Thailand Open. Soon after they got engage on April 2007 and were married on November 29, 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand.
Sichapan and Glebova will continue to conduct business together. They are engaged in the production of cosmetics and food additives, and also own a restaurant in Bangkok, reports Asian News Network .

Adriana Dorn, is 24 and measures 1.78 in height. Miss Nicaragua 2011 Hot Favorite.


Miss Universe western Australia 2011. PageantIsland's Favorites.

8. Casey Bullen.
10. Ellen Casey.
14. Lauren Haynes.
15. Meagan Pillinger - with proper make up, she will be amazing!.
17. Orielle Pearce - she has the right look for Miss Universe Australia title. PERIOD!.

 along with this girl, KIRSTEN

The Miss Global International Malaysia 2011 KL Audition: The Venerable Cast Of Judges, Sponsor and Crew.

 The power of three judges, Marlene, Joe and Ellisan. Ms Ellisan kite ni posing sakan, u all

 The Body Express owner in yellow.

The head of crew, the cute mr. Nik, in white shirt. wink! wink!...

Miss Universe 2001 Top 10 Super Swimsuit Photo.

I just realized, the shortest candidates were wearing a thicker paltform heels, just look at Miss India and Miss Israel.

Miss Asia Quest 1981 Winning Photos in Black and White. Newspaper Cuttings.

*photos by AMET, Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi.

The Winners of Miss Malaysia Charm International 1991. Rare Photos.

*photos by AMET, Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi, Msia.

Miss World Costa Rica 2011-The Miss World Misery?....

Paola Chaverri (19 years and 180 cm) won the Miss Costa Rica World 2011 (picture above). Mariela Aparicio-(Miss International Costa Rica 2010) (24 years and 175cm) goes to the Miss Earth 2011. At Miss International 2011, will Maria Fernanda Arias (19 years and 174cm).

I guess, the setting, the stage, the backdrop and everything else about this contest is anything but hideous!. Is that blue curtain as the backdrop?, the low ceiling as it was done outside at the backyard of a house!

So Julia Morley, it seems that you need to find a new organizer for this contest soon.

But all in all, it goes down to the support that this contest get and in this case, I guess the organizer did not get the support and sponsorship it needed.