The Miss Malaysia World 1975 Contestants. Related Old Newspaper Cuttings.

Karla Jiménez-Miss Petite Teen Dominican Republic 2010.

Miss World Dominican Republic 2010.

Miss Earth Venezuela for Miss Earth 2010 Contest, TEN GABRIELA ESTRADA FLORY Miss Anzoategui 2009. A Mega Favourite.

* Age: 21 years
* Date of Birth: December 11, 1988
* Birthplace: Puerto La Cruz Edo. Anzoátegui
* Height: 1.73 m
* Measurements: 90-60-90
* Occupation: Student of Law and Professional Model
* Competitions:
- New Models 2005 (Isla de Margarita) - WINNER
- Miss Venezuela 2009 (Caracas) - Semifinal and Better Skin
- Miss Earth 2010 (Vietnam) - Participate on December 4

She's truely like a living barbie doll.

Shirley Tan, Miss Malaysia World 1974. Old Newspaper Cutting.

Susan Lee, Miss Kuala Lumpur World 1974. A Very Old Newspaper Cutting.

All About Miss Malaysia World 1973, The Contestants,The Withdrawal, The New Winner, The Tallest Girl and The Pride of Terengganu. Very Old Newspaper Cutting.

Technician wins RM11mil jackpot.

KUALA LUMPUR: A technician in his 30s, who works in the Klang Valley, has won RM11.66mil in his first attempt at the Power Toto 6/55 lotto game on Aug 25 with the numbers 12, 16, 28, 39, 40 and 47.
Although he regularly plays various Toto games, the winner’s lucky try on Power Toto 6/55 was his first, said Toto in a media statement.
When he realised that he had the winning set of numbers, the technician called his mother to share the good news and had to take sleeping pills on the night of the draw.
He went with a friend to claim his winnings at the Sports Toto’s head office here. The man seemed to have gotten over the shock of winning a multi-million jackpot and seemed unfazed about managing his new-found fortune.
He said that he has always invested in shares and unit trust funds and would now buy properties besides purchasing a house for himself and each of his family members.
The latest record winnings came less than two weeks after a RM5.89mil jackpot was won.
On Aug 14, a security officer from Johor won the money in the Mega Toto 6/52 lotto game through a set of numbers derived from observing number plates of moving vehicles or boats which he records as a pastime.
The latest win means that Toto jackpots have paid a total of RM17.55mil to two winners in less than two weeks.

Tuesday August 31, 2010

Ximena Miss Universe 2010 When She Was 15 Years Old and Now. Nice Photo.

Héctor Joaquín Colón González's Photos - Miss Universe 2010 - Las Vegas - After the Pageant Photos.


Mimi Pabon, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2010 Huge Favourite.

She's got all the experience needed as a winning beauty queen, Good English communication skill and not to mention she's beautiful. Good luck Mimi-frm Me (the guy u met during the Miss International 2008 who told u the judges must be blind).

The Miss Universe 2010 Miss European Royalty, Miss Netherlands. Héctor Joaquín Colón González's Photos - Miss Universe 2010 - Moorea Pool Press Meeting.

The Miss Universe 2010 Miss Sexy Moves, Miss Haiti. Héctor Joaquín Colón González's Photos - Miss Universe 2010 - Moorea Pool Press Meeting.

The Miss Universe 2010 Miss Orangina Latina, Miss Haiti. Héctor Joaquín Colón González's Photos - Miss Universe 2010 - Moorea Pool Press Meeting.

Héctor Joaquín Colón González's Photos - Miss Universe 2010 - Moorea Pool Press Meeting. Miss Universe Australia 2010.

Venus Raj, Miss Universe Philippines at The Moorea Pool Press Meeting.Héctor Joaquín Colón González's Photos.

Porntip Nakhirunkanok, Miss Universe 1988 with Her 2 Kids.

Rozanna Purcell, Miss Earth Ireland 2010.

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Purcell represented her country in the Miss Universe 2010 pageant in Las Vegas, U.S., on August 23, 2010. She was a heavy favorite during the pageant; many fans, pageant sites, and bookmakers at betting agencies, had predicted her as a winner.

Purcell competed in swimsuit and placed 4th with an average score of 8.784. Purcell then competed in evening gown with a score of 8.548, finishing as a Top 10 finalist, with 7 place.

Miss Romania Oana Paveluc on Miss Universe 2010: 'Ximena is very shy.'

'Shy, reserved and always thinking of her boyfriend.' This is how Oana Paveluc describes the winner of Miss Universe 2010, Jimena Navarrete. Due to her timid personality, Mexico's delegate even turned down two interviews during her time in Las Vegas.

Two days after the Miss Universe 2010 pageant, I've said 'Goodbye!' to all the girls and left Las Vagas. The only one who I missed saying 'Goodbye!' to was precisely Miss Mexico, Miss Universe 2010, she checked out from the hotel immediately after the pageant.

During these three weeks in Las Vegas Jimena was very unsociable. During her meals she used to sit all by herself and every single time I tried to talk to her she kept telling me that she was sad because she was missing her boyfriend from Mexico.

They've been together two years now and she was frequently crying because she was missing him. I found it very difficult to communicate with her because she does not speak any foreign language, a translator or another Latin America's delegate was always required to help her.

She began feeling more confident and at ease after her boyfriend started visiting her during the last week before the pageant. She complained to us anyway that the ongoing commotion surrounding her confused her, but apparently seeing her boyfriend helped her.

As for me, last night I arrived in Atlanta and today I think I won't be going out at all. I only want to rest because tomorrow I am going to participate in a fashion fair.'

Miss world Poland 2010.Agata Szewiola 21 | 1.74 mts | Zary. Another Miss Venezuela Crown Copycat?

Miss World Slovenia 2010. Sandra Adam 20 | 1.72cm, Dravograd. by Metrolina.

The Miss Universe 2010 Top 10 in Swimsuits. Amazing.





The Philippines.


Puerto Rico.

South Africa.