Miss Tourism International 2009 Result, Photos and My Diary.

Miss Tourism International 2009 Top 10.
My Prediction:
1-Venezuela 2-Thailand 3-Malaysia 4-Australia 5-Russia
6-Finland 7-Philippines 8-Japan 9-Argentina 10-Panama

Miss Germany, the winner of Miss Tourism International 2009.

The Actual Top 10:
1-Croatia 2-France 3-Germany 4-Brazil 5-Indonesia
6-Malaysia 7-Finland 8-Panama 9-Venezuela 10-Czech Republic

My Prediction of winners:
2-Czech Republic

The Actual Top 5:
1-Germany (winner)
2-Venezuela (1st Runner up)
3-Brazil (2nd runner up)
4-Malaysia (3rd runner up)
5-Czech Republic (4th runner up).

*I bought the last ticket available and got exactly the same table no and location as last year, table 79.

*at 8.20pm, all tables were already fill up except mine..sitting all alone and wondering..am I all alone in this table of 10 seats?....

Miss England's mother and me.

*then a British family comprising of 9 people showed up and I told them, "u guys are surely supporting Ms England?....they said yes.. and I continued saying the mother of Miss England is here and has been accompanying Ms England this close to 3 weeks now. Then a lady sat next to me said "I'm the mother of Miss England!". GOBSMACKED!..ahhhahhaa...padan muka I...but the fact is...I SAT TOGETHER W THE WHOLE FAMILY OF MISS ENGLAND!...yey!.they were very friendly bunch of people and entertaining to.

Miss England's family and me.

*the inclusion of France and Brazil into the top 10 was not really what I expected coz there were more outstanding ladies in this year's edition.

*I'm very surprise that Miss Philippines did not make it to the semifinal as I believe, she's one of the most competitive contestants in this year's edition.

Miss Philippines and Miss England onstage after the pageant has ended.

*I still believe Miss Thailand should be up there in the semifinals. She also one of my hot favourite who did not make it. come on u judges!....She's good....

The very gorgeous Miss Thailand w fans on stage after the pageant has ended.

*Croatia got the best evening gown in a shimmering red during the Jakel Fabric presentation show section and immediately attracted everyone's attention.

*Miss Venezuela almost had a nervous breakdown as her name was called as the eighth semifinalists. A bit more suspence will kill I guess,hahaha.

*A group of 10 people from Thailand supporting Miss Thailand sat at the front table and cheered up the event by whistling and wavering and hollering..but went silent after their delegate did not make it to the semifinal stage.

*During Q&A session, each finalist was asked to press a button to select a colored virtual onscreen ball., and were to asked to describe what the color selected meant to them.

*Miss Czech Republic got a brown colored ball. Nervousness got over her and she could not answer properly. The funniest part..I guess she didn't know what to elaborate about brown color by being related to earth and ended up saying "brown is..eemmm- all Malaysians are brown" HAHAHA...Seriously lady...M'sians are yellow, brown, tan, black and all.

*Miss Germany is crowned by last year's winner from India, Manasvi Mamgai.

Candid photo of Miss Tourism International 2008, Manasvi Mamgai.

Miss Indonesia w a very handsome fan.

*Miss Indonesia performed a very catchy infusion of Bali dance and modern steps during the pageant but the talent was won by Miss Mongolia.

Miss Talent winner, Miss Mongolia.

*Miss Croatia to me had the best answer to her question.

Miss Serbia in an amazing pose for my camera. :)

*but I like Miss Venezuela's answer more, sounds brainy and she could win Miss Universe with that answer. She got black color ball and asked to describe it, she replied by saying
"no matter black , white or brown or red, we all should live harmoniously with each other"++

Miss Venezuela w a young fan.

Miss Venezuela and Miss Czech after the crowning, outside the pageant hall.

Miss Universe 1992 Behind The Scenes-Swimsuit.

Miss Poh Kong Glamour Short Diary. A Miss Tourism International 2009 Sub Award Event. Dec 26, 2009.

A sub Award in Miss Tourism International 2009. Just concluded at 5.30pm malaysian time.
winner: Miss Czech Republic.
prize: Diamond Jewellery set worth RM10k.

best presentation by contestants:
Czech Rep-Venezuela (walking doll)-Japan-Philippines-Thailand-Malaysia-Bolivia-Panama-Russia.

worst presentation:
Serbia Montenegro-Singapore-Pakistan-Greece.

best Evening gowns:
Canada-Bolivia-Philippines-Venezuela-Czech Rep.

*weird: 1-everyone is wearing the best evening gowns at this event but Miss Greece (for an unknown reason), wearing a "walk along the beach attire"..so dull and so uurrrgggg! ugly!

2-every contestants hv to stop in front of judges for at least 5-6 seconds but miss serbia chose to run across them...like couldn't wait to go to toilet for her big event. 2-3 others did that run across too but she's by far, the worst act!.

3-Miss Venezuela was seen so nervous and inhaled a big deep breath just before the announcement of the Miss Poh Kong winner..I can understand her feeling since she's on of the fav at the event but Miss Czech was announced s winner.

Already Guaranteeed Places in Miss Tourism International 2009 semis:
Miss Venezuela-Czech Rep.-Malaysia(home ground advtg)-thailand-Philippines(history would see rep from phils always make it there).