Miss International 2009 Crowning Moment. Combo Photos.

Thanuja Ananthan, Miss World Malaysia 2009. Another Photos 2.

Ana Gabriela Espinoza, Miss Mexico Wins Miss International 2009 Beauty Pageant in Chengdu, China.

Anagabriela Espinoza Marroquin, a 21-year old student and model from Monterrey, Mexico, emerged as the winner of the Miss International 2009 contest held at the Tennis International hotel in Chengdu, China, on November 28th. 1.78 m Espinoza, a former Miss World semi-finalist, now becomes the second Miss International titleholder for Mexico. Priscila Perales won the title recently, in 2007.

The 1st runner-up was Miss Korea, Eun Mi Seo, who was visibly emotional upon receiving her award. She captured the attention of the judges by being one of the few delegates who competed with short hair.

2nd runner-up was Miss United Kingdom, Chloe Beth Morgan. Completing the Top 15 were the contestants from Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Finland, Japan, Panama, Philippines, Spain and Venezuela.

Very criticized is the absence of women of color in this pageant’s finalists. In the whole decade, only three women of color placed in the finals: Senegal in 2001, Colombia in 2004 (who eventually won) and Colombia in 2006.

Mexico was always one of the major favorites for the title among pageant followers, including the judges at the Global Beauties Leaderboard, who voted her in the 1st place. The Miss International 2010 contest will take place at the Expo in Shanghai, China, next October.
*report by Global beauties.

Semi-finalists Belarus - Yana Supranovich
Belgium - Cassandra D'Ermilio
Brazil - Rayanne Morais
Canada - Chanel Beckenlehner
Cuba - Patricia Rosales
Dominican Republic - Victoria Fernández
Finland - Linda Wikstedt
Japan - Yuka Nakayama
Panama - Joyce Jacobi
Philippines - Melody Gersbach
Spain - Melanie Santiago
Venezuela - Laksmi Rodriguez

Thanuja Ananthan, Miss World Malaysia 2009. Another Photos.

Miss World 2009 Top 12 Beach Beauty Contestants.

Leah Janine MARVILLE – 1.73, 24 – BARBADOS
Flavia Fernanda FOIANINI ARZABE – 1.76, 20 – BOLIVIA
Chloe MORTAUD – 1.80, 20 – FRANCE
Kaiane ALDORINO – 1.74, 23 – GIBRALTAR
Kerenina HALIM – 1.67, 23 – INDONESIA
Perla BELTRAN – 1.78, 23 – MEXICO
Nadege Elena HERRERA VASQUEZ – 1.82, 23 – PANAMA
Jennifer COLON ALVARADO – 1.75, 21 – PUERTO RICO
Katharine Arkley BROWN – 1.80, 22 – scotland
Tatum Lucy KESHWAR – 1.81, 25 – SOUTH AFRICA
Thi Huong Giang TRAN – 1.80, 22 – VIETNAM
Vanessa Gayle SIBANDA – 1.77, 21 – ZIMBABWE

Mrs. World Vietnam 2009 in Swimsuit.

Mrs. World 2009 Contestants in Swimsuit Round.

Victoria Radochinskaya, Mrs. World 2009 Winner.

Miss World 2009 Contestants in Bikinis. New Photos.

Larissa Ramos from Brazil, Miss Earth 2009 Suprise Winner.

She's not really given huge publicity leading up to the grandfinals but suddenly came out as winner.Even her win as Miss Earth Brazil was branded by some as boring as the pageant venue had many empty seats and kinda cheap production but for now....congrats!