Actress dazzles in Malaysian bling.


FORMER-Bond Girl and current star of Reign of Assassins, Datuk Michelle Yeoh has the pick of any global jeweller from Cartier, Chaumet, Piaget, Mauboussin, Mouwad, Harry Winston or Tiffany. Since this year, Ipoh-born Datuk Michelle Yeoh, Miss Malaysia 1983, has opted for bling from local jeweller Winnie Sin of Rafflesia and Mandalay.
Rafflesia is the last word for pearls while Mandalay, like its name suggests, is the first place connoisseurs congregate to pick the crop of Myanmar’s rubies and jade.
Exquisite: Mandalay’s white jadeite earring with diamonds worth RM98,000 worn by Yeoh in Hong Kong.
Of course, a Malaysian superstar wearing Malaysian designed high jewellery makes nationalistic sense though it started only this year.
“Datin Janet Yeoh, mother of Datuk Michelle Yeoh, is an old friend and customer,” explained the glamorous Winnie Sin, herself often mistaken for a Hong Kong movie star or singer. “This year she invited me for her birthday party in Ipoh and by chance Datuk Michelle Yeoh was there. Usually we met socially at VIP events but as this was a private celebration, Michelle and I managed to have a long chat.”
The star of Reign of Assassins, now showing in local cinemas, admitted to being an admirer of Sin’s jewellery for the last several years when she saw her mother Datin Janet Yeoh wearing Rafflesia and Mandalay bling.
“Datuk Michelle complimented my jewellery as she has a personal fondness for pearls, jade and rubies which are my specialty,” Sin recalled. “I had always wanted her to wear my jewellery to all her red carpet events but was too shy to ask so imagine my joy when she suggested wearing my jewels to the Cannes Film Festival 2010 last May.”
Jade butterfly: Mandalay’s RM238,000 green jadeite brooch with diamonds worn by Yeoh at the Cannes Film Festival.
That was Yeoh’s first outing clad in Rafflesia’s monster pearls and Mandalay’s imperial green jade with the luster of emerald. At the gala she was surprised at the attention her jewels received as many commented and asked the identity of the jeweller.
“Datuk Michelle told me my designs and quality of gems were unique and the press could not identify them since my jewels did not resemble the signature of other world-famous brands,” said Sin.
“Of course, when Datuk Michelle mentioned my name, the foreign media did not recognise Rafflesia, Mandalay and Winnie Sin either but she emphasised that the brand was from Malaysia so I am happy.”
In fact, Yeoh was so enamoured with the splendid jade suite she bought them!
Thus started a fruitful relationship as Yeoh wore Sin’s designs at the movie premieres of Reign of Assassins in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Attention grabbing: Yeoh wearing Mandalay’s RM6.8mil imperial green jadeite necklace with diamonds at the Cannes Film Festival.
The beauteous Yeoh smiled as she said, “As a Malaysian I am proud to wear Malaysian jewellery. Rafflesia and Mandalay jewels are world class and as good as the international brands. I have worn jewels from world famous names so I know. This is a case of ‘Malaysia Boleh’ and I am pleased to showcase local talents. Another factor is that all Winnie’s jewellery is one-of-a-kind as she does not repeat her elaborate designs apart from her classic strands of pearls.”
As Yeoh and her beau Jean Todt are promoters of Malaysian tourism, this gives them a chance to push her homeland.
Agrees Yeoh, “Many ask me where they can buy Winnie’s jewellery and I say they must go to Kuala Lumpur as Winnie’s boutiques are located only in Park Royal hotel in Jalan Bukit Bintang and nowhere else. I also remind them to enjoy their holiday in Malaysia since they are already in KL.”
Sin explained, “I represent my brands Rafflesia Pearls and Mandalay Jade and Rubies so I cannot have branches. Personal service from me sets us apart. If someone is buying investment pieces they should purchase directly from the owner rather than sales staff. I advise, recommend and stand behind everything I sell while my after-sale service offers peace of mind.”

The Miss World 2010 Top 3 Winners in White Attires.

The Very Beautiful Chantelle Miss International Malaysia 2010 with A Local Fan in Chengdu.


Miss International Malaysia 2010 in Black Gown. In Chengdu for Miss International 2010 Pageant.


The Miss World 2010 Miss Perfect Face, Miss Sweden.


Miss World contest turns ugly: China charged with blocking favourite Miss Norway following diplomatic row. missosology breaking news.
SOURCE: ... c-row.html
By David Gardner
Last updated at 10:09 PM on 31st October 2010

The Miss World contest was mired in controversy last night amid claims that the hot favourite was frozen out because of a diplomatic feud.

American teenager Alexandria Mills was crowned the winner of the 60th anniversary beauty contest on Saturday.
But the 18-year-old Miss USA’s celebrations were tainted by claims that there was no great surprise when Britain’s four contestants failed to make the final cut in the spectacular broadcast to an estimated one billion people around the world.
Insiders were shocked that stunning 23-year-old Norwegian university graduate Mariann Birkedal - the odds on favourite - didn’t even make the top five.

According to reports last night, observers speculated the judges bowed to pressure from Beijing, which is involved in a bitter international spat with Norway.

China is said to be furious after the Oslo-based Nobel Peace Prize committee awarded the coveted prize to the jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo earlier this month.

Before the results were announced, Miss Norway was the shortest-priced favourite in Miss World history at 6/5, while Miss USA lagged behind at 7/1. Miss England Jessica Linley, a 21-year-old law student from Nottingham, was an even longer 50/1 shot.

Kathrine Sorland, a Norwegian TV personality who came fourth in Miss World 2002, said she believed China’s fury at the Nobel Peace Prize committee had influenced the outcome. ‘I was sure she would win,’ she said. ‘They must have mixed politics and business. Without jumping to conclusions I would stress that Miss World competitions have always been political. And the relations between China and Norway are very strained at the moment.’

Miss Birkedal herself was more cautious on whether she had been cheated of the crown. ‘I have been very careful with speculating about that myself,’ she said. ‘It is kind of stupid to start thinking that if this or that had not occurred I would perhaps have been Miss World 2010. I do believe everything happens out of a reason.’ The contest was held in Sanya on China’s tropical Hainan Island for the fifth time in the last eight years.

Britain’s Dorset-born Ann Sidney, who won Miss World in 1964, was on the judge’s panel along with six other former winners. Founded by the late Eric Morley as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations in 1951, Miss World is the oldest international beauty pageant. It is still run by his widow, Julia, and has a long history of scandals and controversies.
This year was no exception. Even before the rumpus over Miss Norway’s early exit, the contest had to be moved from its original site in Vietnam because the location was an ecological heritage zone and local residents had allegedly been forcibly moved from their land.

With China as the host, Taiwan was unable to compete because Beijing does not recognise it as an independent country.
And on Saturday night, the Chinese audience gave Miss Japan the silent treatment, apparently protesting Japan’s claim to the Diaoyu Islands, a group of uninhabited rocks coveted for fishing and mineral rights.

The contest has had its fair share of controversies since its inception. The UK’s 1974 winner, Helen Morgan, was forced to resign after four days when she was revealed to be an unmarried mother and the 1980 Miss World, Gabriella Brun, from Germany, had to quit after it was discovered she posed naked for a magazine. In 2002, the beauty queens had to flee the host country, Nigeria, after 200 people died in riots which started after a newspaper suggested the Muslim prophet Mohammed would have chosen a wife from one of the contestants had he been alive.

The Beautiful Andrea Suarez, Miss Ecuador International 2010 in Chengdu. Under The Radar Queen.


Chantelle Chuah Miss International Malaysia 2010 In These Photos in Green Top and Jeans and Boot. Miss International 2010.


The Chengdu Bridge Beauty Queens...Miss International 2010 Contestants.


South American Beauty Queens In The Miss International 2010 Beauty Pageant. Group Photo.

Spain is excluded la..not a South American...

Deborah Priya Henry's Twin In Miss International 2010 in Chengdu.hehehe...


Panas, Gambar Pemenang Jumbo Queen Malaysia 2010.

26 Oktober 2010, jam 8 malam telah berlangsung Malam Final JUMBO QUEEN 2010 di Concourse Level, Sungei Wang Plaza.
Budiey turut dijemput untuk turut sama-sama menyaksikan aksi-aksi comel dari 10 orang finalis. Terima kasih Sungei Wang Plaza!
Jumbo Queen 2010
Acara pertandingan tahunan yang mencari wanita comel bertubuh gempal yang cantik, berbakat dan genius ini dianjurkan oleh Sungei Wang Plaza dengan kerjasama MyFM & MixFM sebagai radio rasmi. Selain itu juga Feminine sebagai Majalah Rasmi, Moleque Design Boutique sebagai Penaja Rasmi bagi Pakaian Kasual dan Penaja Solekan dan Dandanan dari Secolo Hairdressing.
Jumbo Queen 2010
JUMBO QUEEN adalah satu-satunya pertandingan yang menjadi platform bagi wanita bersaiz besar untuk mengetengahkan personaliti, kecantikan luar dan dalam, serta mencungkil bakat terpendam dari mereka. Ia terbuka kepada wanita bujang atau berkahwin, berumur 18 tahun ke atas dan mempunyai berat badan sekurang-kurangnya 80kg.
Terlebih dahulu, Budiey nak ucapkan tahniah buat 10 orang finalis yang bekerja keras untuk menjayakan JUMBO QUEEN 2010. Mereka ialah
  1. Azurah Ismail
  2. Yeoh Shook Chiang @ Jennifer
  3. Chaai Thiah Chin @ Momo
  4. Michell Ching Git Yean @ Michelle
  5. Karina Abdullah @ Dreena
  6. Nurul Aqilah Bt Rosli @ Iela
  7. Ong Liam Leng @ Mandy
  8. Lau Siew Ching @ Diana
  9. Suhaily Mohamad Ali @ Lynn
  10. Lee Hui Leng
JUMBO QUEEN 2010 dihoskan oleh bekas penyampai Radio Era dan Sinar iaitu David Lau. Diadili oleh 5 orang juri profesional iaitu Ms Jagan Kelly – Ford Supermodel Winner 2009, Mr K K Lim – Senior Manager, Promotion & Public Relations οf Sungei Wang Plaza Management Corporation, Mr. Ray Chan – Managing Director οf Secolo Hairdressing, Cik Ina Mazlina – Founder οf Moleque Design Boutique dan Ms Vivian Tok – penyampai MyFM.
Jumbo Queen 2010
Semua finalis perlu melalui 3 cabaran iaitu sesi perkenalkan diri, sesi Evening Wear dan persembahan bakat. Tak lupa juga, tepukan dan sorakan dari penonton diambil kira sebanyak 10%.
Menurut orang kuat Sungei Wang, Budiey diberitahu JUMBO QUEEN 2010 mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan dari peserta. Pertandingan ini mula diadakan pada tahun 2007 dengan jayanya.
Berikut ini senarai pemenang JUMBO QUEEN 2010. Tahniah buat semua!
  1. Pemenang Mοѕt Charming Jumbo Queen –  Michelle
  2. Pemenang Mοѕt Talented Jumbo Queen – Diana
  3. Pemenang Mοѕt PοрυƖаr Jumbo Queen – Lynn
  4. Pemenang Mix FM Mοѕt PοрυƖаr Chοісе Award – Lee Hui Leng & Momo
Jumbo Queen 2010
Dan ini senarai pemenang Utama
  1. Juara Jumbo Queen 2010 – Dreena
  2. Naib Juara Jumbo Queen 2010 – Mandy
  3. Tempat Ketiga Jumbo Queen 2010 – Lee Hui Leng
Siapa kata orang gemuk atau gempal tak boleh beraksi di pentas? JUMBO QUEEN telah membuktikannya!
Jumbo Queen 2010
Pemenang Mix FM Mοѕt PοрυƖаr Chοісе Award – Momo
Jumbo Queen 2010
Pemenang Mix FM Mοѕt PοрυƖаr Chοісе Award – Lee Hui Leng
Jumbo Queen 2010
Pemenang Mοѕt Charming Jumbo Queen –  Michelle
Jumbo Queen 2010
Pemenang Mοѕt Talented Jumbo Queen – Diana
Jumbo Queen 2010
Pemenang Mοѕt PοрυƖаr Jumbo Queen – Lynn
Jumbo Queen 2010
Tempat Ketiga Jumbo Queen 2010 – Lee Hui Leng
Jumbo Queen 2010
Naib Juara Jumbo Queen 2010 – Mandy
Jumbo Queen 2010
Juara Jumbo Queen 2010 – Dreena
Jumbo Queen 2010
Jumbo Queen 2010
Jumbo Queen 2010
Jumbo Queen 2010
Jumbo Queen 2010

The Beauty of Miss World St. Lucia 2010 During The Miss World 2010 Grandfinal Night.


Shocking.....Dani Karlsson Miss World Sweden 2010 Wishes The Grandfinals To Be Done OnThe 1st Week?????..Why??...Read On..


New postby Agua Maldita » Sun Oct 31, 2010 7:35 am

USA Forever

Saturday, October 31, 2010 @ 15:35

“Yeeahh! Then it was all over, and America Saves the World Again. Could not we just have had finals the first week instead? I mean, we all knew who would win.

This is worse than the “Eurovision Song Contest” and it [MISS WORLD] is all about politics and money. Venezuela should have won. End of story. 

I felt sorry for Botswana and the United States. No one congratulated them, booed them, and they [CONTESTANTS] called instead "Venezuela" in chorus, clapping hands and encircled her in a crowd. 113 bridesmaids could not be wrong. But there are reasons for our reaction, as you hopefully saw on TV? I will tell you more about it tomorrow.”


Wow! I love Dani Karlsson’s candidness. Finally, we have someone who speaks out on Miss World Organization’s flaws. This is convincing and damaging. Do you think all beauty contests are rigged?

What does she expect when money is involved in such a big pageant? And do the following: money, politics, sex and contacts play a role in the results of pageant?
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Agua Maldita
*taken from page

Miss Malaysia World 1975 Condo Is On The Cover of GLAM Magazine, Oct Edition.

Czarina Gatbonton, The Cute Miss world Philippines 2010 in The Miss World 2010 Grandfinal Night.

hey!..her gown also got that ribbon venus type, but only on her left shoulder.her gown also matches the winner's chair.

The Miss World 2010 and Miss Germany. Grandfinal Night.


The Miss World 2010 1st Runner Up, Miss Botswana.


3 Formers Miss Worlds In Sanya. Zhang Zilin, Maria Julia Mantilla, Mary Stavin...

MISS WORLD 2010 Full Result By Global Beauties.

Winner: UNITED STATES, Alexandria Mills

1st Runner-up: Botswana, Emma Wareus

2nd Runner-up: Venezuela, Adriana Vasini

3rd Runner-up: Ireland, Emma Britt

4th Runner-up: China, Tiao Xang

5th Runner-up: Norway Mariann Birkedal

6th Runner-up: Italy, Giada Pezzaioli

Bahamas (Braneka Bassett) 
Canada (Denise Garrett) 
Colombia (Laura Centre) 
France (Virginie Dechenaud) 
French Polynesia (Mihilani Teixeira) 
Germany (Susanna Kobylinski) 
Kenya (Natasha Metto) 
Mongolia (Sarnai Amar) 
Namibia (Odile Gertz) 
Paraguay (Egny Eckert) 
Puerto Rico (Yara Lasanta) 
Russia (Irina Shapirova) 
Scotland (Nicola Mimnagh) 
South Africa (Nicole Flint) 
St. Lucia (Aiasha Gustave) 
Thailand (Sirirat Rueangsri)

Continental Queens of Beauty

Queen of Americas: United States

Queen of Europe: Ireland

Queen of Africa: Botswana

Queen of Asia & Oceania: China

Queen of Caribbean: Puerto Rico