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5 minutes with... Andrea Fonseka-Miss Malaysia Universe 2004. By Marlina Azmi, MSN (Malaysia), 1/28/2010.

Photo courtesy of Orchan Consulting

Former Miss Universe contestant, Andrea Fonseka is now working on the Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 pageant. She has also been appointed National Director of the pageant, to rebrand the entire pageant which includes making it hip, relevant, urban and real, and to personally ensure that Malaysia's representative to Miss Universe is fully equipped with all the knowledge and support she needs to make an impact both locally and internationally. Amidst all the new responsibilities she has with work, Andrea is also busy planning her upcoming wedding. She spared five minutes of her time to share some of her wedding details and beauty regime.

Photo courtesy of Orchan Consulting

You've mentioned before about how you had weight issues before but you look so good now. How do you feel about the new changes?

Despite the weight loss, I still see the same person in the mirror. The only difference is that I buy smaller clothes these days. When I was overweight, I always wanted to be thinner but now I can effortlessly maintain the weight I've lost. But I'm aware that my metabolism won't stay like this forever so I'm just going to increase my gym sessions and decrease my cupcake intake. I'm happy that I've adopted a well balanced diet and workout routine.

What does your well balanced workout entail?

I swear by Bikram Hot Yoga. It's ideal for people who want to be healthy. It's also possible for you who wants to lose weight too because it is a form of exercise. For me, Bikram Hot Yoga is a form of therapy as I get to heal my body as I'm doing the poses in a hot room. Plus, it's a form of exercise where I'm less likely to injure myself.

Photo courtesy of Orchan Consulting

We've covered the body maintenance, what about your beauty regime?

I start the day with a shower then I cleanse my face, apply toner, moisturise and then rub some eye cream on. If I have work and appointments for the day then I'll put on some makeup or else I'll just head downstairs and grab myself an orange. I love having an orange first thing in the morning despite some people claiming that it's bad for you but it helps with my digestive system.

What are some of your favourite beauty goodies?

I love using Clinique facial wash for my face and Bodyshop facial products too like the mask. I also like Sasa products and just love testing out the different face masks. Za cosmetics are a favourite of mine because the stuff is really good.

We heard about your wedding this year, what have you done to prepare for it?

I've got a wedding planner actually. Jovian Mandagie started a wedding planning section in his company. Since he's designing my wedding my gown, I thought it would be easier if he planned the whole thing too. I love his work so I trust him planning my wedding.

Photo courtesy of Orchan Consulting

Are you one of those brides to be that feel that you have to diet before the wedding?

Not at all. I'd like to have good skin though and great hair by then. My hair is really long right now and I do feel like cutting it but I can't because I know it would be nicer if I had it long for the wedding. I'll probably get more hair and facial treatments done before the big day.

What about your hair and makeup for the wedding? Any ideas of how you want it done?

I'll leave it all up to Jovian but of course I won't want a cone shaped hair for the occasion. I would like my hair wavy and fall loose; I'd rather go natural. I don't want to alter my features too much; I'd rather look like me at my wedding.

Photo courtesy of Orchan Consulting

Do you think you have the potential of becoming a Bridezilla?

Yes! I'm already a 'Boss-zilla' and you can see me in action on www.missuniversemalaysia.com.my. I'm also quick tempered and small things can definitely trigger me. So, I let my wedding planners take care of everything because once I take charge of something then I'll have that inclination to plan everything else.

Do you have any advice for some of the brides-to-be out there?

If you want to lose weight and get into better shape then do it but don't do it excessively that will turn your wedding journey into something painful. You want it to be a beautiful journey and an amazing experience. Hire a wedding planner because that's going to take a huge chunk of your shoulders. And the most important thing is to look like yourself on your wedding day because your husband is marrying you not because you look like that person who has overdone makeup and big hair. You want to look back at your wedding photos and see the person you actually

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