The big let down of the night, was the early exclusion of Misses Greece, and mostly Malaysia. Deborah Henry was one of the favorites in EVERY SINGLE PAGEANT-RELATED website or blog. The woman has done everything right, and certainly deserved to be up there.
But what happened? Some possible explanations:
- Even if the preliminary judges did not pick Miss Malaysia, why didn’t the MUO? The answer could be a declared war against Miss World. Deborah participated in Miss World 2007 and was a semi-finalist, when many believed she deserved better. Another Miss World contestants who was a favorite in São Paulo, and will go back home empty-handed, is Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Gabrielle Walcott. She was Miss World’s 2nd runner-up in Miss World 2008.
Politics. Islam is the state religion, and unfortunately, the few predominantly Muslim countries that participate in Miss Universe have been historically discriminated against, especially in recent history. Lebanon’s victory in 1971 was an exception. Look at the poor performance of Egypt, even Lebanon, Malaysia and Turkey. They all do much better in Miss World and other pageants. In addition, the government of Malaysia has been making some nasty remarks about the U.S.. It could explain it, although if the case, it would be very sad nowadays…
Backstage Trouble. We never know what goes on on the pageant’s backstage, unless we are there! Maybe Miss Malaysia did something that pissed the MU organizers, which might have cost her spot among the finalists. Deborah doesn’t look like the type of girl who would cause trouble, but we never know.
Other than that, what could explain the elimination of a beautiful and classy woman who has done everything correctly since the beginning? How will the Malaysia license holder fell motivated to continue on with his work after this?

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