Let me tell you what we Malaysians discussed in our own national forum..

It's about the conspiracy behind Deborah Henry's non-placement..

We know there are two groups of judges: Preliminary judges (identity not revealed) and final judges (identity revealed).

Preliminary judges has decided to rule out Debby from the Top 16 because: 
MUO needs to protect the standards of Miss Universe, therefore no former Miss World semifinalist are allowed to get the crown (it will give impression that Miss World has a higher standard than MU).

IF Debby enters Top 16, the final judges will not hesitate to give her high marks, she will proceed to Top 5, killed the Q&A session and easily win the crown.

The preliminary judges (who are most probably those in the MUO management) may have no or very little control of the final judges' decision (these final judges might refuse to risk their credibility and career to collaborate in MUO's dirty plan)..

Therefore, the only way left is to exclude Debby right from the start, and keep Debby away from the eyes of the final judges.

This is a very possible conspiracy, because it has a clear business and commercial motives behind it.

And on top of that, the fact that Malaysia is a well-known Muslim country might also be considered. 
(Well, Deborah herself is a Catholic, but the Malaysian leader is one of the most looked-up Muslim leader in the world)

The new Miss Universe will have to represent MUO, Donald Trump and indirectly the US government, so Islam is the last thing they wanted to have a connection with.
(US = Islamophobic, remember?)

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