Miss World Costa Rica 2011-The Miss World Misery?....

Paola Chaverri (19 years and 180 cm) won the Miss Costa Rica World 2011 (picture above). Mariela Aparicio-(Miss International Costa Rica 2010) (24 years and 175cm) goes to the Miss Earth 2011. At Miss International 2011, will Maria Fernanda Arias (19 years and 174cm).

I guess, the setting, the stage, the backdrop and everything else about this contest is anything but hideous!. Is that blue curtain as the backdrop?, the low ceiling as it was done outside at the backyard of a house!

So Julia Morley, it seems that you need to find a new organizer for this contest soon.

But all in all, it goes down to the support that this contest get and in this case, I guess the organizer did not get the support and sponsorship it needed.

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