Miss Super Kinta Saree Queen 1991. Related Info News.

This contest was held at the Super Kinta shopping complex in the children section!. There were 20 contestants took part. The winner was N.G. Jayanthi, the then 21 year old dance intructor. She won RM300 gift voucher and other gifts and a cosmetic set. She was a very experienced beauty competitor having won Miss Konica 1987, Miss Saree Queen Kuala Lumpur 1991.

Second place was Emilia Rosnaida Hamid while V. Gunawathi a 17 year old student was third. Emilia Rosnaida was also a veru experienced beauty as she had won 1st runner up of Miss Perak Traditional Queen 1990 and third in Dewi Remaja contest. Several years later, she won Miss Tourism title and represented Malaysia in Miss Tourism Intercontinental/International in Sarawak where she emerged as 1st runner up behind Miss Australia.

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