Miss Malaysia Model of The Year 1992. Related News Info.

Tum Pei Ling edge 13 others to win Malaysia Model of The Year 1992 contest at the Mar Vista Resort Penang. She who was also Miss Malaysia world 1988 2nd runners up won RM5000 in cash, gifts and a free trip to Phuket.

1st runner up was won by Ooi Mei Ling who won RM2500 in cash and other gifts from sponsors while Sally Khoo was third. Khoo a part time model won RM1000 and many other gifts. May Ng Sook Booi won Miss Potential sub title

Other noted contestants in this contest were Linda Tan Mai Foong, Julian Lim, Jojo Low, Fadzilah Harun, Joanne Tiow, Ann Lim, Lee Hooi Keang, Chun You Li, Ho Kim Mee.

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