This fashion show challenge was held at The Actors' Studio, level 8, Lot 10, KL. It was held in conjunction with the launch of Think!Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness hosted by Pantai Hospital. The girls were here since early in the morning to rehearse the walk and they were dressed in attire sponsored by Pink Jambu and Zang Toi. I was quite a surprise to me as some hot favorites had a not so good catwalk but some girls who were not in my list of favorites really "shine" and I could really see this girl being a hot favorite, always getting the best dress to wear..hhmmm, whatever it is, it was a good experience to PAGEANTIsland to get to watch the fashion show first hand and what a bonus!, PAGEANTIsland get to mingle with these lovely ladies after the show and took a lot of photos with them.

 If PAGEANTIsland was a judge in this event, I would give Jennifer MISS CHARMING, MISS POISE, MISS AURA, MISS GORGEOUS. Call more me bias or what, but really, she was not even in my fav list, but she really shone once she stepped out on stage. Her whole aura was just perfect!, and the flowy dress she had, even made her movements even more captivating. Yes the dress was ghostly simple but PAGEANTIsland was there and got to evaluate who was performing or just flopped!.

 Stephanie Vincent.
 Cheryl Felix.
 Magdaline Wang
 Genevie "Wan of the best catwalk in this event".
Gabriella Robinson

Reading about comparison who is best, who is not, sometimes really hurts but the girls hopefully will work to improve on their catwalk skill and be more confident when performing on stage. All of them have great personalities and I am not really worry about that.*all the comments were on my personal evaluation and it has nothing to do to swing votes to certain individuals. Thank you :)

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