Our newly crowned Miss Malaysia World 2011, Chloe Chen will be going to London on October 18, 2011 for the Miss World finals to be held on November 6, 2011 at Earl's Court, London. She will be there with the mission to captivate the world, aiming to impress and make an impact with her warmth, charm time and natural beauty, a reflection of Malaysia's true attributes and hospitality in order to help her win the Miss World 2011 title.
In support of her mission in achieving her personal dream as well as Malaysia's aspiration to capture the Miss World crown for the first time are several experts and celebrities. In the forefront is mr. Paul Ting(not in the picture), the franchise holder of the Miss World Malaysia as well as the founder of FusionExcel International who is providing the financial support and to ensure all her needs are met for her trip to London, serving as an ambassadress for the country.

Next, providing her the visibility advantage when she present herself on the world stage is Carven Ong, one of Malaysia's renowned couture fashion designer and an entrepreneur, who was also voted as Asia's Top Designer in 2009 by Fashion Asia. Carven has specially designed two exquisite dresses for Chloe to wear during the Miss World finals. The first is the fabulous evening gown for the best designed evening wear competition whereby the designer will also be honored. The other is an extraordinary neo classical Malay outfit for her dance presentation for the talent competition. 
Chloe will also be taking along with her 10 other evening dresses sponsored by Carven. Her casual wear are sponsored by the boutique called The Mail.
In preparation for the Miss World finals, Chloe has been put through a further intensive grooming regimen with Maggie Loo, who worked on her walk, speech, deportment, poise, carriage, posing, social etiquette and presentation on stage. Maggie Loo herself was a former beauty queen and has been in the training for modelling and etiquette industry for more than a decade. Winnie Loo from A Cut Above worked on her hair styling and hair conditioning, Gold Goh of Perfect Point Make Up Academy on make over and Dr. Reiko Soo of VL Skin and Facial Care, Eric Choong of Erican on mental and emotional preparedness, Dr. Suresh of Maestro Smile Designers on the important of smile and its effect on one's personality, with Dino on her dance technique and presentation.

Every Miss World candidates this year are required to present a charity project for the Beauty With A Purpose competition. For her project, Chloe embarked on empowering the underprivileged children by sponsoring 50 children from 10 Children's homes to learn the art of creating and building robots using recyclable everyday objects, a skill development and enrichment programme which encourages participants to practise recycling in a more effective and rewarding way by learning to create work of art with economic value out of materials that are considered worthless.
PAGEANTIsland personally wishing her the best in her journey and hopefully, would bring home the Miss World 2011 crown.

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