Officially Confirmed: Nissan Preparing Super Juke, Possibly with GT-R Powertrain, More Details Coming Next Week

Yes, you read correctly; Nissan is preparing a "Super Juke" rumored to feature a 480HP engine, which suggests it may very well be fitted with a detuned version of GT-R's 3.8-liter twin-turbocharging V6 powerplant that delivers 530HP in its current form.

The news was broken by the crew over at Jalopnik citing inside sources. However, just to make sure, we contacted Nissan Europe spokesperson Gabi Whitfield who officially confirmed the existence of the "Super Juke".

"I can confirm there is a project driven by Nissan Europe to create a 'Super Juke'," Nissan spokesperson Gabi Whitfield told Carscoop in an email. "I can’t confirm any other details at this time, but expect more information next week," she added.

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