PAGEANT: Miss Humanity International 2011
LOCATION: Barbados
DATE: 22 October 2011
DELEGATE: Ms Trinidad & Tobago Humanity 2011- Cindy F. Daniel

The last refuge of the Amerindians of Trinidad, the Borough of Arima, plays home to Cindy F. Daniel, Trinidad and Tobago’s representative for the inaugural Miss Humanity International Pageant which will be held in October in Barbados. Ethnically descending from a mix of Spanish, East Indian, African and Amerindian heritage, she was raised in this city by her mother Imelda along with her four older siblings.
An Attorney-at-Law and national scholar, Cindy took up her employment with the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to directly serve her country. She has worked in various Government Ministries including Justice and the Office of the Prime Minister. Having a broad spectrum of interests including Criminal, Environmental and Human Rights Law, her ambition is to use her career as a platform to eventually become a Senator and the Mayor of her beloved hometown of Arima.

The Miss Humanity Pageant presented an opportunity for Cindy to highlight the abrogation of human rights and she has specifically selected Human Trafficking with its attendant sexual exploitation as her platform. She believes that by highlighting ‘modern slavery,’ she can empower others through awareness and possibly save others from this dehumanising form of bondage. 

Much time is devoted to playing with her dogs Faye and Lily, and as an arts enthusiast, Cindy enjoys both performing and being entertained taking pleasure in latin dance, acting, journaling, as well as savouring a good book or play. Her love for animals has led her to her most recent pursuit, horse-back riding.

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