LG Wants to Ban BMW and Audi Sales in South Korea Over LED Feud

Electronics companies are amongst the fiercest rivals when it comes to protecting their patents – even a lioness with her cubs seems like a purring cat in comparison. That’s why in the world of high technology, lawsuits fly left and right, one of the most recent examples being the Apple - Samsung dispute over the their smartphones.

Nevertheless, we were surprised to learn today that LG Electronics and its subsidiary, the component-making LG Innotek Co., filled a lawsuit with a South Korean court seeking to block BMW and Audi from selling their cars in the country.

What is happening is that the two German luxury carmakers have been caught in the middle of a patent war between LG and Osram over LED technologies. LG seeks to stop their the German automakers' vehicles from being sold because they are equipped with Osram lighting systems.

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