Supermodel search narrows it down to 12 finalists.

After having auditioned hundreds of young women across the country over the last two months, the Ford Models Supermodel of the World Search Malaysia 2011 ended its highly successful nationwide search yesterday.
At a closed-door selection, the search announced 12 new faces from its lists of 24 semifinalists, most meeting the international height requirement of 183cm.
The selection came after a series of tough auditions held across the country.
Organising chairman Datuk Nancy Yeoh said the search had been an eventful exercise and had garnered genuine interest among members of the public along the way.
“We took a gamble by investing so much time and effort into what is essentially viewed as a fledgling local modelling industry.
“In recent years, we have not been able to produce many new faces and have been relying on foreign talents to bring life to this business,” said Yeoh, who is also president and chief executive officer of Stylo International.
“These results are most fulfilling as they suggest there are still many Malaysians waiting to be found and groomed as future supermodel,” she added.
The finalists are Nur Atikah, 18, Chan Shin Yee, 23, Raja Alicia, 16, Renee Tan, 20, Gabrielle Ashley, 20, Jenilyn Lim, 21, Melissa Wong, 23, Loh Tze Shian, 18, Karen Lugun, 18, Cassandra Azman, 18, Zana Chin, 22, and Phoebe How, 23.
The girls come from various backgrounds including, Bajau, Malay, French, Portugese, Chinese, Kelabit, English, and Punjabi.
One of these 12 girls represent Malaysia at the 30th anniversary celebrations of the Ford Models Search in New York.
At yesterday’s selection, the girls were faced with a panel of judges consisting former supermodel Cilla Foong, Yeoh, supermodel Tengku Azura, and British fashion brand F&F Commercial Director Hem Patel.
They finalists will be judged over several sessions; a closed door judging with the Supermodel Advisory Board, at the upcoming Stylo Fashion Ball hosted by Tiffany & Co and British fashion brand F&F and a final round at the F1 concert.
The photography judging will include an SMS competition plus judging by top New York talent scouts.
F&F, a major sponsor of this year’s London fashion week is a brand newly created by British retail giant, Tesco Uk and will make its debut in Malaysia during Stylo.
The Ford Models Supermodel of the World Search, Malaysia 2011 is organised by Stylo International as part of its Fashion GP presented by Mercedes Benz.

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