Miss Penang Interhotel 1994. Top 3 Winners. Very Old Newspaper Cuttings.

After browsing numerous beauty pageant photos before, I guess, these three winners were the best set of winners in Malaysia of all times. All these three ladies have had very amazing striking looks, the third winner looked like a Eurasian, the second winner looked like an amazing Malay-Thai mix with sharp chin!, which i believe the most sought shape by many botox loving ladies out there lately, and the winner herself looked very beautiful pure Malay. Her look reminds me of pengasas Jamu Mak Dara gitew... I wish them could see my posting and feel good about their achievement at that time.

 From left to right: Asrolnizar Mohd, Normawati Rahim, Yussalhany Yusof.

courtesy of, AMET, Pelangi Beach Resort Langkawi, Malaysia.

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