Kee Hua Chee's At Anya Hindmarch Lunch Party.

I met Kee Hua Chee once again at the Anya Hindmarch Lunch Party on March 17, 2011. What I like about him is, he always come up with something different at every event he is in like this one, his latest blue shirt with his picture on it..and the bag he was carrying which is embossed with his photo together with Datuk Princess Becky M. Leogardo, the founder of BML Cosmetics in Malaysia. Interesting isn't it?

For those who have no clue at who he is, KHC is the top celebrity journalist in Malaysia. He had interviewed many world renowned personality like Prince Andrew and many more Hollywood and Hong Kong celebrities. I hope someday he would get to interview lady gaga.

But what he is going to wear at the Anugerah Seri Angkasa party 2011 at Le Meridien tonight?....could it be a big surprise?....

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