Some of Miss Global International Malaysia 2011 KL Audition Candidates. Beautiful All.

Miss Global International Malaysia 2011 KL audition managed to attract many of the best looking KL girls whom we do not see so often in or around KL streets. All of them came prepared and answered any question posed to them with aplomb and showed either dancing or singing skill with confidence. And the best part, none of them were faking their personality or showing any ego. Love u all and good luck!. of course I had my favorite too among them :).

*nama peserta-peserta di bawah sengaja dirahsiakan. Sekian terima kasih.

Among the tallest candidate at 176cm. Full of potential to be among the best model in Malaysia. She got the look and looking very young too.

This contestant was the best in talent. Having learned dance lesson since she was really young. Full of confidence and genuinely friendly.

One of the most cute face at the audition. She came here with her father. She also has a flawless smooth skin.

This contestants was the best in interview skill, when she talked, judges really into quiet mode and really tention putting attention at what she said.

I heard this beautiful contestants flew all the way from Taiwan for this audition. Her beauty is so mesmerizing. She got the best hair and style, flawless porcelain skin tone and full of confidence. She has the best catwalk too....and flew back to Taiwan several hours after the audition.

This contestant was Miss Borneo Beautiful 2010 1st runner up. She is really tall at 1.77. A very friendly in nature, adventurous, up and ready for anything positive in life.

This contestant also got the best communication skill. Just graduated from an Australian university in nutrition science. She was beeming with confidence and got the best smile. Very friendly and I believe she has what it takes to gain much successes in corporate world.

She just won a prestigious contest organized by a best selling local magazine just recently. She did an amazing dance trick during the audition that had made everyone in the audition room went wild and wow!. She knew where and when to be serious and knew how to be humorous too. A great audition for her yesterday and good luck!

Here are some of the photos I took during the contestants' audition. Thank you to Nikorasu and Marlene for allowing me to take photos and the willingness of the contestants to be photographed for this interesting event, Miss Global International Malaysia 2011 - KL audition.

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