Memo for Miss Globe International 2010 Contestants from Organiser.

Rasim Aydin December 15 at 4:24am Reply • Report
To the attention of Miss Globe International 2010 Delegates;

Miss Globe International ®, the 2010 final, will be organized in
Turkish Republic of North Cyprus at Cratos Premium Hotel.

The camping will be between 20-25 December 2010 and the Gala will be on 26 December
2010. All tickets of candidates will be sent by e-mail on 15-16 December. Please
complete all the preparations and wait for the airline tickets. After the event the top 15 finalists
will stay here for extra activities.

The other contestants have also right to enjoy magnificent Seven Star Cratos Hotel, for
one more week and join the New Year Party.

The arrivals will either thorough Larnaca Airport which is on the Sothern part of Cyprus or
Thorough İstanbul/Turkey Airline. if you there is a direct line you will fly to Larnaca but in this
case you may need a Cyprus Visa. If you fly thorough Turkey you may need a Turkish visa.
Please check your situation for both possibilities whether you need a visa or not and inform us
if you need a visa so that we can send you an invitation letter immediately.

P.S. : Delegates must bring as follows:
• A National costume with stage effect
• 3 Pieces of evening gowns
• 2 Pairs of bikinis
• 3 Cocktail dresses
• A Gift worth between $20 - $25 for auction or charity.
• A pair of white shoes / sandals and one of black ones (high hills preferably)
• At least day time dresses for 15 days
• Characteristic present ( whatever you think is nice )
for the personalities to be met in here ( just one and not expensive )
• National Flag
• Special evening dress
• CD with music for the Miss Talent (Mini Competition)
• CD with National Anthem 

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