Miss Petite International 1997. The Pageant Diary.

The fourth annual Miss Petite International 1997 was held in Houston, Texas for a week long event. The contestants were stayed at the Mariottt Hotel along with their parents!. As a result, the contestants mostly kept to themselves and their respective family members rather than socializing with the other contestants.

During their stay, the contestants were brought around to shop and sightseeing at several Texas tourists attraction. There were rehearsals every night but the girls were very supportive and friendly. The hot favourites were from Puerto Rico, USA and the philippines.

The top 3 winners were from Georgia (winner), New Mexico (1st runner up) and Bahamas (2nd runners up). This pageant is designed for women with heights below 1.65cm.

*this article was taken from GLAMOUR BACKSTAGE magazine vol.7 no.3, 07/96

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